Through strategic partnerships with First Nations, international research institutions, universities and Open Bay members, our core campaigns; FutureForests and ForestLab advocate to establish a network of protected lands—a ‘research corridor’—for the purposes of long-term study and conservation in the Discovery Islands, British Columbia.

For more information about FutureForests and ForestLab, please contact Open Bay Centre at:

Open Bay Centre is also pleased to sponsor the inaugural, Discovery Islands Grant for Environmental Excellence (The DIGEE Award!).

Discovery Islands Grant for Environmental Excellence


Introducing, The DIGEE Award!

An annual community focused grant (between $3000-5000 CAD) made to the projects and people demonstrating innovation and action in environmental stewardship.

The DIGEE aims to inspire ideas, enable projects and raise dialogue and awareness about initiatives and accomplishments in environmental excellence in the Discovery Islands, BC.

For information regarding the inaugural DIGEE award applications and nominations. Please email:

The 2020 DIGEE Award

As a community grant, we are pleased that the 2020 inaugural DIGEE Award could be part of a larger community campaign.

A $3000 CAD unconditional grant was provided to: Surge Narrows Community Association, toward their campaign to acquire Lot 302 on Read Island, and-in-so creating a 40 acre Ecological Reserve protecting a corridor from the Surge Narrows docks to the far boundary of the existing Fish & Forest Reserve at the headwaters of Read Island’s most important salmon streams.

The Surge Narrows Community Association’s campaign was a resounding success as the result of local and international support. Open Bay Society and the DIGEE applaud all involved in this inspiring effort to protect rare eco-systems and critical habitat.